We produce 100 tons per month in continuous ring


We produce 12 tons per month in open-end


75% of our production goes to knitwear sector

the solutions you need

Due to our strategic market vision, we manufacture a wide range of yarn, suchs as slub, mélange, knot, buttoned, injected, rustic, technical yarns, used in the textile industry, home textiles, decoration, clothing and upholstery.

In our collections, the raw materials are used and blended in an almost unlimited way, emphasizing the use of cotton, linen, polyester, viscose, wool, cashmere, modal, silk, bamboo, mohair, etc. Versatility, innovation and development, linked with the environmental and social concerns, drive us to get the best raw materials for our yarns.

But more than a wide collection of yarns, we offer solutions tailored to our customers needs. We give life to your ideas, experimenting until we find the desired result.