Linked to its strategic plan, Fifitex by SMBM, has been investing in the future, developing the best solutions for its customers and other stakeholders in a sustainable manner, without ever giving up the protection of the environment, its employees and the local community.

One of our main values will always be establishing a relationship of trust.


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

The GOTS standard aims to define the necessary requirements to give a credible warrantee to the final consumer about the organic state of the textiles, from the harvest of the raw material to the labeling, through an environmentally and socially responsible production.

It focuses only on mandatory criteria, covering the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, marketing and distribution of all textile products manufactured from at least 70% certified natural organic fibers. Criteria applicable to fiber, chemicals, various stages of the textile production process, including packaging and shipping of used accessories, environmental management, quality assurance and social responsibility, are defined.

With this certificate, Fifitex intends to attend to a growing market niche with concerns for the future of the human ecosystem.

OCS (Organic Content Standard)

The OCS – Organic Content Standard – applies to any non-food production and gives the warrantee of trust related to content of organic raw material, ensuring traceability and integrity of the raw materials during all the fases of manufacturing, from its origin to the final product.

Our OCS100 and OCS Blended products, secures a minimum content of 95% of organic materials and a minimum content of 5% (till 94%) of organic materials, respectively.

We insure to our costumers that every manufacture textile yarn with the logo OCS follows the criteria of this standard.

STeP byOEKO-TEX® (Sustainable Textile Production)

The STeP certification (Quality, Environment, Hygiene, Safety and Social Responsibility) allows brands that operate globally and retail companies  to search and identify the appropriate vendors all over the world, warranting that they meet the requirements related to environmental protection and social responsibility. This allows them to fully document the sustainable commitment to the final consumers along with the supply chain, clearly.

STeP allows the analysis and complete evaluation, regarding the sustainable conditions of production, unlike other certification systems, that in majority only have in consideration sustainable punctual aspects. Besides, the requirements and STeP certification criteria are specifically adapted for the reality of textile and clothing industry. STeP criteria is the same all over the world to insure the global comparability. They are continuously analyzed, updated and evaluated, if necessary (for example, taking into accounting the new developments of the market, legal requirements and scientific developments).

In https://www.citeve.pt/step

GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

Fifitex wants to boost the Eco design in its products. The GRS certification allows us to prove the content of the recycle materials used in our textile yarn, with the warrantee that we use  responsible and sustainable practices in social, environmental and chemical areas.